The 5 Best Places to Drink in Chicago after Completing a Dry January

After not drinking for a month, the devil on your shoulder might be telling you to jump back on the booze train and ride it straight into Westworld. But you’ve grown. Your mind is sharp, your body fit and your soul has a clarity and introspective-ness not seen since you gave up alcohol in high school after an underage drinking ticket threatened to end your scholastic golf career (sorry, maybe too personal).

As the first weekend of February approaches, here are five places to drink in Chicago that will quench your thirst while (somewhat) satisfying your conscious.

*Note: These are also just five interesting and different places to drink anytime.

The Vig – Brunch is a semi-adult way to easy back onto the scene, and The Vig is a solid place to start. There’s always a DJ playing the hottest jams of the ‘90s and today (shout out DJ FastLane), and their menu includes a Greek yogurt and berries dish (alongside chicken and waffles and other solid bases). So translated, that means you can Chase Waterfalls (with the Vig’s signature mimosa towers) while not saying Bye, Bye, Bye to some of your healthy habits.


Fremont – You can’t spell brunch without unc, and Fremont will unc, unc unc your brain straight to a Vegas pool party. Fremont’s “The Brunch Buffet Experience” includes a carving station, smoked brisket, a doughnut wall, omelet station, boozy desserts and a waffle bar. The whole thing is aggressive, but after a month off, it might be time to skip the bunny hill. Also, it’s only brunch, so you can be Bad & Boujee and still end up back home by 5.


The Aviary – You’ve saved a lot of money not drinking. You deserve this. Grab a few friends and try the 5 or course tasting menu in The Office on Friday or Saturday night. Scientifically stimulating cocktails are paired with appropriately intoxicating entrees for an unforgettable culinary experience. It’s like if Bill Nye, Neil De Grasse Tyson and Mario Batali had an Eiffel Tower. Oysters might be paired with a cocktail made inside a classic novel, and the buzz you end up with would have made Hemingway proud. It’s worth every penny, and the innovation and classiness will make you feel better if you end up more bamboozled than Hunter S. Thompson at the Kentucky Derby.


Lone Wolf / Au Cheval Combo – A classic Chicago night. Lone Wolf has the perfect craft cocktail (Sazerac) or rare beer (Alpha King) to keep you company while waiting for your named to be called at Au Cheval. After a Dry January, it’s time to indulge your taste buds until they’re taste lovers, or at least taste friends with benefits.


Restoration Hardware – So-fa-king classy. The entire building is incredible, and it’s fun to explore the five floors of home décor while sipping on a refreshing rose. It’s almost more of an interior design and architecture museum as opposed to a furniture store, so you’ll feel refined while drinking your wine.


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