8 Skills to Endorse Your Friends for on LinkedIn

LinkedIn skills endorse box

LinkedIn now lets you customize the endorsements you can provide to connections. You literally can type in whatever you want. While leadership, sales experience and SEO are all worthwhile endorsements that could enhance your job prospects, these are probably more fun.

1.     Weather

Sorry HR ladies, there’s a hot front moving in!!!!!

2.     Beavers

The beaver is a pretty great animal on its own, but as many of the skills you can endorse that have sexual double entendres the better. Other possibilities: spelunking, balloon animal displays, enjoying sausage, etc.


3.     Maximizing Gains

Probably applies to the weight room, but ROI really should be maxxed everywhere in life.

4.     Moms

Today, moms make 234% of the household purchase decisions. Now, more than ever, it’s essential to understanding this demo.


5.     Reading Entire Emails

No one fucking reads paragraph two anymore. Seeing this would make any recruiter nostalgic.

6.     Balloon Animal Displays

See #2.


7.     Little Spooning

Shows you’re a team player and your ego is firmly in check.

8.     Bro – etry

After endorsing Chip, send him a message saying if he’s ever asked to prove this skill, simply use this bro-em: I’m super bro-fessional, I want you to know, I eat brogurt for brotein, I’m ready to grow.

Honorable mentions: Cargo shorts, being hot and not knowing it, context clues, penis nicknames


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