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Larry in Burberry is Beside the Weather’s fashion correspondent. He analyzes fashion trends for common wearers of clothes. LIB knows how great a Karl Lagerfeld keychain is, but buys it from Etsy instead of FENDI and uses his savings to take his mother out to dinner. He has a deep appreciation for fashion, but still scoffs at what GQ recommends he wear to the gym. 

Think of Larry in Burberry like Damsel in Dior’s work husband, who she really loves because he’s more evolved than most, but she sometimes still gets annoyed at because he goes a little too all out on the 4th of July.


What a week. It’s hard to contextualize and argue about if Miu Miu went too far with its socks and sandals-fueled collection (years after this has already been a trend BTW), with everything that’s going on, but Paris Fashion Week offered a spectacular and artistic escape from the craziness of the world for a few days.

For a moment, our Come The Fuck Ons were slightly brightened by Commes Des Garcons.

Dries Van Noten explained what many at #PFW felt: “I wanted to make an optimistic collection. Let’s escape with fashion, and have fun with clothes.”

So let’s do that. Sit back, relax, enjoy a latte and crepe (meat lovers for Larry) and and let’s get into the SS/18 collections and trends.


Berets Were Everywhere

Yes, somewhat cliche, but Larry thinks they’re sexy AF. Pictures speaker louder than words.




I might be a little bias in my love for this trend though, I’ve always had an affinity for beret-style hats.


Street Style Questions Answered!

In the NYFW recap, Larry wondered if you actually had to be in the street for it to be considered street style. Jake F. went to a reliable source and we have the answer folks:


It’s excited Larry is starting to get in with the hottest fashion bloggers in the game. I guess when it rains it pours, because Larry also met Something Navy recently at Nordstrom.


Now, for the street style looks that stopped traffic.


What do you keep in that Gucci fanny, all of fashion’s secrets?!


It’s hard for leopards to change their spots, and as humans, it’s impossible to resist taking this picture.


And whoa, a certain pants trend looks familiar.



Time for a Coffee Break

#PFW is the last Spring/Summer ’18 showcase, so the top models of the moment like 16-year-old daughter of Cindy Crawford, Kaia Gerber (also pictured below in the Chanel and YSL sections), rely on Cafe au Lait before the runway. It also makes for great ‘gram content in Paris, although it’s hard to blame people for trying to find something to do while waiting an hour for your garcon to come around with your check. I mean, we’ve all done it in Paris…




Not sure a 16-year-old running on the adrenaline of her first runway shows really needs that much coffee, but Emily Ratajkowski probably does after putting the lit in glitz all night.




Clearly, Emily is having a hard time adjusting to the petite coffee sizes in Paris. She can’t get out of bed! (Also, F U to anyone who says she looks tired. You people are the worst.)


Saint Laurent Shines Under the Eiffel Tower


This week, YSL stood for Yaaaas, Sex, Location (RIP AIM) as everyone ooo’d and ahhh’d over the glimmering display of elegant sexiness beneath Paris’s most famous landmark.

While most of Larry’s friends have had a few memorable (night-vision tinted) nights in Paris (thanks Ms. Hilton), fashion editors were treated to an evening they’ll also never forget thanks to Yves Saint Laurent.



Karl Lagerfeld Does It Again With Chanel’s Waterfall Set

A post shared by CHANEL (@chanelofficial) on


Unlike Larry’s first musical tape – TLC’s Crazy, Sexy, Cool – Karl Lagerfeld ignored Left Eye’s advice and chased waterfalls inside the Grand Palais. Many editors described the wondrous nature-esque setting and overall collection as a ray of hope during uncertain times, and at one point, the sun came out and a real rainbow appeared in one of the waterfalls. It wasn’t quite as on the nose as when Larry saw a rainbow enter the tip of Trump Tower, but to everyone at Chanel’s show, the meaning was as clear as the thigh high plastic boots.


Balenciaga and Crocs Collaborated


I know what you’re thinking. The bro-hanging fruit is for me to ridicule these, but Larry likes to zig when the gen pop zags. I love them. Why? It’s the perfect day-to-night footwear for nurses, and nurses deserve more love. They work long, odd hours and most hospitals/doctor’s offices don’t even have a McDonald’s, let alone a McDreamy or McSteamy. Our most caring healthcare professionals need footwear efficiency so they can go from giving shots to taking shots in as little time as possible.

Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren Walked for L’Oreal



Rawr. Jane may have dressed like a Tiger, but the cougars were looking FIERCE for L’Oreal, and Helen was no Collateral Beauty at this show she was the main event. (Ok, I might need more espresso.)

“The Celine Woman Defines CEO Chic.”


That was how The Guardian described Celine’s latest collection, but not sure climbing the corporate ladder is safe with all those baggy ruffles.

Off White Created a Tribute to Diana

off white

From The Guardian (who did an excellent photo recap from every show): “Virgil Abloh, who is best known for his cult street-wear and previous collaboration with Kanye West, took his inspiration from Princess Diana’s iconic wardrobe.”

I just thought this was cool given Princess Di died in Paris. Although if future fashion show programming matches that of CBS/Lifetime (there have been SO many new Diana shows), I’m not as much looking forward to the Menendez Brothers collection.

As a man always trying to look skinnier without working out, I also appreciated this flattering-for-all look from the collection:

kaia off white

Thom Browne Unicorns


W Magazine: “This year, it’s been nearly impossible to avoid the unicorn trend, which has reigned over everything from food to beauty. Now, however, that may cease thanks to Thom Browne. The American designer catered to those experiencing unicorn fatigue with his Spring 2018 show during Paris Fashion Week by taking on the trend with such commitment that all future attempts will surely pale in comparison.”

I disagree. This is the third most iconic use of unicorns for me. The unicorn power rankings go like this:

  1. Unicorns you ride in your dreams with Emily Ratajkowski
  2. Unicorns in pools
  3. Thom Browne’s unicorns


Ok, that’s all Larry has from Paris.


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And here’s one last picture of Larry in a Nike beret. (Swag in French is pronounced swàg.)



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