Larry in Burberry Recap: Paris Men’s Fashion Week

Larry in Burberry is Beside the Weather’s fashion correspondent. He analyzes fashion trends for common wearers of clothes. LIB knows how great a Karl Lagerfeld keychain is, but buys it from Etsy instead of FENDI and uses his savings to take his mother out to dinner. He has a deep appreciation for fashion, but still scoffs at what GQ recommends he wear to the gym. 

Think of Larry in Burberry like Damsel in Dior’s work husband, who she really loves but sometimes still gets annoyed at because he goes too all out on the 4th of July.

Paris Men’s Fashion Week Recap, Let’s Es-car-Gooooooo!!!!!!

I considered waiting until New York Fashion Week to start this season’s recaps, but after seeing Sincerely Jules literally say Phuket to Fashion Week and flaunt donuts in all the models’ faces, I realized I needed to start with Paris.

Enjoy your hibiscus popsicles Julie, Larry will take it from here.

Let’s get something straight right away. If you think fashion blogging is all glitz, glam and bistro croque madames, you’re sadly mistaken. Some of my favorite bloggers had quite the time in Paris.

Songs of Style lost her luggage.

This was sad because designers gave her all kinds of great outfits to wear at their shows, but she stayed positive by saying this meant she got to go shopping!!!! Her fans (including @uselesspieceof.shit) spammed Air France’s Instagram page asking them to help – while politely adding s’il vous plait because Air France.

Then an UberX driver let a rando into her cab and locked the door. She screamed and ran out and was shook.

Meanwhile, Damsel in Dior flew @RyanAir and had to pay 50 euros to print out her boarding pass.

Goodness gracious. I thought all these bloggers were killing it. UberX? The Spirit Airlines of Europe? More like in-the-red bottoms, am I right?

Hey Frugal in Fendi and Songs of StyleX, Larry here never has any issues on the bus.

Men’s Paris Fashion Week Recap

Kim Jones Debuted His Last Show for Louis Vuitton

Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss made surprise appearances, which got rumors swirling Kim might be heading to Burberry, since both models have been faces of the British brand. Mr. Jones jumping on board at Burberry and featuring camouflage right as Larry is gaining steam in the blogging world? Coincidence? I think not. Speaking of camo, it was obviously what caught Larry’s eye the most from the show (well not literally because camo). Finally, some day-to-night camo for city bucks trying to go straight to the bar and blend in after day in Gurnee Mills at Bass Pro Shop.

No one forward this to Larry’s dad.

If I showed up to the tree stand wearing Louis Vuitton camouflage and tried to share a Miller High Life, there would be a hunting accident.

The Off-White Show Was Biz Casual

Future, Miguel and Metro Boomin’ breaking down slios in the front row. Slidin’ down the runway like a jet ski, yeah!

Random note: While on a funemployment trip in Paris with his lady Seija, my friend Garret saw Future and his mom in the Balenciaga store. He didn’t say anything because Larry’s friends let people be.

At the actual the Off-White show, Virgil Abloh shifted the paradigm and riffed on late eighties and early nineties best practices to imagine how a new generation of business leaders might dress.

While Larry is gonna have to out a pin in most of these looks and circle back, I do think Off- White is onto something with the business casual trend (almost live look at Larry finishing this blog).

Shoes: Off-White, Sweatshirt: Alternative Apparel, Blazer: Suit Supply, Croissant: La Fournette Bakery

On White Trousers Were Popular, Too

While Off-White always generates buzz during fashion week, on-white also had its day in the elegant Parisian sun in the form of pants. In a season many critics said “top designers were simply treading water, Lemaire featured a particularly winning high-waisted and roomy pair, Haider Ackermann showed cropped, raw hem white jeans, the excellent Wales Bonner gave hers a gingham waistband. Dries Van Noten, meanwhile, toyed with white broderie anglaise.” Larry doesn’t exactly know what all that means, but he does know how to wear a pair.


Hermes was Haute

Speaking of 🔥, the Hermes took place in a winter-bare garden of an ancient courtyard with vertical torches holding firewood. The look of the show, and one of the biggest trends from Men’s Paris Fashion Week in general, was the oversized shearling coat.

Larry can appreciate a nice fire (especially if the wood is chopped yourself), but I can’t get behind this shearling trend.

It’s bah-bah-baaaaad. In a time when we need more leaders, we can’t have everyone walking around looking like sheep. (When trying to sleep, Larry has switched to counting  lions.)

The Stranger Things of Men’s Paris Fashion Week

STEVE was there.

Y Project collaborated with Uggs.


Bucket hats dominated the street style looks!

And Timothée Chalamet continued his world domination tour in the front row at Berluti.

Speaking of Call Me by your Name, Larry’s name in high school French class was Lârry (the circumflex was silent.).

Paris Haute Couture Week – Bonus Recap!

The fashion bloggers mentioned in the intro were in Paris to attend Paris Haute Couture Week, one of high fashion’s most anticipated events where each piece is completely hand-stitched and 100% one-of-a-kind. Who What Wear describes it like this:

“Haute couture blurs the lines between art and fashion. The pieces shown at the biannual Paris Haute Couture Week are significant because they not only influence ready-to-wear collections, but give designers a chance to push boundaries and explore new ground. Haute couture runways are an opportunity for designers to take risks and produce pieces that can usher in a new era for a fashion house. If intricate detailing and larger-than-life designs are what you love about fashion, then the shows at Paris Haute Couture Week are not to be missed.”

Dior included necklaces out of temporary tattoos and masks more appropriate for Black Mirror than your bathroom mirror.

Giambattista Valli made the sexy loofa Halloween costume couture.

But in staying true to the haute couture spirit, there can only be one, 100% unique look that Larry chooses as the very best.

There you have it. Larry will have recaps on all the upcoming Fashion Weeks, starting with New York.

Au revoir. à bientôt.

If you want more, check out Larry’s recent collab where Kirsten Kamerman of Kitchen Curious told him what to wear, Kanye-to-Kim-style.




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