Netflix Password Appreciation Party Idea


Do you borrow someone’s Netflix password? You need to thank them. Preferably with a food-themed party based on the shows they love.

I teamed up with Kirsten Kamerman’s awesome food blog Kitchen Curious to demonstrate how you can give thanks.

Get the full backstory and check out the recipes for Kirsten’s favorite shows here.
The recipes include:

  • Narcos – “Blow-nuts” Sugar Donuts
  • The Office – Schrute Farms Salad Spiralized Beet Salad
  • The Office – Cham-prank Jello
  • Stranger Things – Upside Down Michelada
  • Grace & Frankie – Rainbow Friendship Challah Bread
  • Mindhunter – Cereal Killer Mac
  • Fuller House – Grown Up Lunchables

Video created by Chu Batsaihan.


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