Tom Brady’s Post Game Fashion This Year

As the Patriots start their NFL playoff journey, here’s a look at what Tom Brady wore to each of his post game press conferences this year. Does he dress worse after losses? Yes. He looked especially hot in week 6. He also really loves coats.

Week 17: Lost to Dolphins 20-10

Tom Brady's week 17 post game press conference fashion

This outfit’s not scaring that fire alarm. The Patriots seemed to take the last two weeks of the season off, so I imagine Tom’s got a few tricks up his sleeve for after this week’s playoff game, but hey stylist: Do your job.

Week 16: Lost to Jets 26-20


Patriots are vanilla and not showing much on or off the field. I respect that the game plan also translates to fashion.

Week 15: Won against Titans 33-16


There’s that sparkle back in his eye. Looks really dashing in camel.

Week 14: Won against Texans 27-6


Respect the turtleneck. How is Tom’s hair always so dry in these press conferences?

Week 13: Lost to Eagles 35-28


What the hell? Not even in the top 100 coats Tom has ever worn, and what’s the deal with that bacon-y ass neck on the undershirt?

Week 12: Lost to Broncos 30-24


Loves to go simple white button up after losses. Sort of respect that he can’t peacock after losing, especially to Peyton. Peyton would get chicken parm all over that shirt.

Week 11: Won against Bills 20-13


Another coat to a press conference. He must have the temperature of his house around 72 degrees and constantly be demanding warmth snuggles From Gisele.

Week 10: Won against Giants 27-26


It was almost a loss (hence the white button up), and Tom can’t focus on fashion during Giants week. I love how much he hates his top shirt buttons.

Week 9: Won against Redskins 27-10


Guarantee Tom’s done the naked-under-the-trenchcoat thing with Gisele. Loves trenchcoats too much not to.

Week 8: Won against Dolphins 36-7


So much coat range. Total Sundance look. I’m basing that entirely on the episode of Entourage where they went to Sundance.

Week 7: Won against Jets 30-23


Another coat. I think his favorite fashion pattern is checks.

Week 6: Won against Colts 34-27


Hottest look of the whole season. Collar pin is such a boss move. He totally thinks the Patriots are going undefeated at this point.

Week 5: Won against Cowboys 30-6


Again with the collar pin. Tom should do this look exclusively. The steam on those coffees in the background is all Tom’s doing.

Week 4: Bye


Week 3: Won against Jaguars 51-17


Tough to bring the big (Tim) Gunns out when you play the Jaguars.

Week 2: Won against Bills 40-32


Threw for a season-high 466 passing yards this week.

Week 1: Won against Steelers 28-21

Tom BradyWeek1

Again looking great in camel. Tom’s favorite TV show before the 2008 Super Bowl was Dexter. I wonder if all these coats make him feel like a serial killer on the field and he wears them while chuckling inside because he just murdered your team.

Not sure exactly what was accomplished here, but holy moly my Dunkin’ Donuts long john needs a timeout.


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