Larry in Burberry New York Fashion Week Recap

Larry in Burberry is Beside the Weather’s fashion correspondent. He analyzes fashion trends for common wearers of clothes. LIB knows how great a Karl Lagerfeld keychain is, but buys it from Etsy instead of FENDI and uses his savings to take his mother out to dinner. He has a deep appreciation for fashion, but still scoffs at what GQ recommends he wear to the gym. 

Think of Larry in Burberry like Damsel in Dior’s work husband, who she really loves because he’s more evolved than most, but she sometimes still gets annoyed at because he goes a little too all out on the 4th of July.


Guess who’s back? Back again. Larry’s back. Tell a friend.

Unlike homegrown New York fashion week fixtures Rodarte, Proenza Schouler, Altuzarra, and Thom Browne who moved their shows to Paris, your farm loving, corn-fed friend Larry will always be there to say hay, hay, hay to the latest fashion trends for you.

NYFW was one day shorter this year (FINALLY CFDA, thank you), so in solidarity, this recap has one less topic than the #NYFW Fall summary.

Let’s get right to it.

Larry’s Favorite New Trend: High-Waisted Denim


Jeans: Jinco, Hat: M&M'S Racing, Shirt: Distressed Ben Sherman

Jeans: Jinco, Hat: M&M’S Racing, Shirt: Distressed Ben Sherman

Easy to see why high waisted denim is so hot right now. It looks great on everybody. WWIB: Rocky Barnes or Larry?


(The guy walking his dog in the background loved this look. You can’t completely tell because the iPhone camera still is blurry when you zoom for some God-forsaken reason, but trust me.)

Also, shout out to all the #NYFW models who showed off their best looks in front of street art. So raw.

I don’t blame them. It’s impossible to resist taking a photo in front of street murals.


Serious Question: Do You Have to Be In the Middle of the Street for it to be Considered Street Style?

I’ve never thought about it so literally before, but according to the work wife of my dreams Damsel in Dior, the crosswalk is clearly a catwalk.




Can you imagine if a biker (wearing the latest in maillot jaune Tour de France spandex) had to swerve because of this?!


Ever wondered what Fran from Dodgeball is doing now?


Kendall’s on the sidewalk! Typical. Pushing boundaries and teaching us lessons in the process.


As Vogue says, “If there’s one street style lesson to be learned from New York Fashion Week, it’s that the pantsless trend still has serious legs.”

Love this trend, although genetics definitely plays a part in being able to pull it off. Speaking of genes, check out Kendall’s new beau Blake Griffin on the beach.


Safety Orange Says Something About Our Fashion World Today


When analyzing safety orange’s emergence as the color of spring 2018 (replacing last year’s millennial pink), I’m reminded of a quote from Francis of Assisi:


Stick with me, here.

Safety orange is necessary. Fashion bloggers and models everywhere are J (brand) walking in the street selfie bursting for ‘gram supremacy.


Ralph Lauren is challenging traditional perceptions of who has the right of way in his garage over Polo Bar Burgers (Is he dangerously normalizing?!?!).


All while our streets are getting faster and more furious.


It’s our duty as a fashion community to keep our beloved bloggers safe. Rihanna, Calvin Klein, Tom Ford and others came together to protect our most photogenic. By using their talents and creating hot looks in this hue (doing what is possible), they in turn did the impossible – made safety come first in fashion – a world normally only reserved for taking risks.

Rihanna Runs This Town 


Rihanna’s Fenty X Puma show was the talk of the whole week. She turned the runway into X Games Park Avenue and awoke editors from the slumber of a slow start to the week.

It was clear she left her blood, sweat and gears on the runway, and her collection featured neon motocross athleisure, biker shorts, scuba onesiers, French-cut swimsuits, fanny packs, badass boots and the flyest zippers, all of which are sure to turn Sal Masekela’s half pipe into a full one.





NYFW’s Breakout Model: Duckie Thot


I know you usually can’t trust Thots, but Duckie already has the nice pair of shoes and a bag.

Sorry, I Had(id) to do it. I’ve heard this is what all Jake’s still deal with everyday :re State Farm. Stupid fucking jokes about names. At least Duckie gets to dominate runways while wearing the freshest fashions. FYI: Helmut Lang doesn’t make khakis.

Ok, I feel better. But seriously, if you’re sick of only following Kendall and Bella, Duckie has hers in a row.

Final Fashion Life Lessons

Although the weather in NYC was beautiful for most of the week, a few umbrella lovers tried to rain on the parade.

Refinery29’s cumulus clouds rained down an article telling people to stop quoting the Cerulean speech from DWP, as its not how trends actually come to be.

It’s a speech that many people credit as the moment that they finally understood how the fashion industry works and why it matters. You yourself might think about it every time you encounter a wonky trend you can’t believe made it onto the racks. The “trickle-down” system the quote paints designers, magazines, and retailers in a symbiotic relationship as calculated as the outfits those orchestrating the charade always seem to be wearing. The quote is fashion at its most cynical and its most enlightened.
Unfortunately, it is also wrong.

GTFO. Can Larry live? The rest of the article goes into meticulously researched detail about how fashion trends come to be. It’s actually fascinating, but sometimes less is more. I don’t always need to know how the fudge is packed. Ever heard of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)?

Jim Carey also popped out of a rhino’s ass to attend the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party and attempt to make a point about how meaningless NYFW is:

Alrighty then.

Those are two ways to be.

A third option is Leslie Jones.



Leslie and Larry 2020. Think that’s the perfect note to end on.


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